2013 government shut down who still gets paid if government shuts down

The huffington post – government shutdown will not shut down, Washington — if the federal government shuts down, don’t expect the implementation of obamacare to stop..
The huffington post – mike lee: republicans will shut down, Sen. mike lee (r-utah) declared on monday that he and other congressional republicans would be willing to shut down the federal government in order to.
About.com us military – if government shuts down, troops won’t get, U.s. troops could be required to report to work without pay if a budget clash in congress results in a government-wide shutdown, according to draft planning.

Godfather politics – senator ted cruz: defund obamacare or shut, Senator ted cruz wants to defund obamacare or defund the goverment. the house has already passed a continuing resolution that would avert a government shutdown that.
The right scoop – aaron schock tells constituents if government, Aaron shock, when asked by his constituents if he could be counted on to vote against obamacare funding in the upcoming cr, argued that the republicans could take a.
Conservative pollsters see scant danger in government shutdown, A conservative group’s poll of likely voters in key congressional districts released wednesday is giving heart to the bloc of republicans threatening an autumn.

Obama wants a government shutdown, says u.s. rep. wolf, U.s. rep. frank wolf (r-va.-10th), speaking in loudoun county today, said he believes president barack obama wants a federal government shutdown in the fall.
Washington post – government agency shutdown plan details: what is, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
Goppers – heritage action leaves gop ‘in the lurch’ on government, Updated 2:30 p.m. | as heritage action for america pushes lawmakers to kill any bill that funds obamacare, the conservative group is running into a questio.