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Msnbc – a new government-shutdown threat emerges – the maddow blog, Both the house and senate have passed budget resolutions, which would ordinarily mean the two sides would begin the process of trying to find a compromise in.
Government shutdown 2013 – the huffington post, Washington — congressional republican leaders and the obama administration are trying to cut a deal that avoids a government shutdown in october whil.
The huffington post – government shutdown: pictures, videos, Big news on government shutdown. includes blogs, news, and community conversations about government shutdown..

Is government shutdown next? |, Washington — with big, automatic budget cuts about to kick in, house republicans are turning to mapping strategy for the next showdown just a month away, when a.
The facts: a government shutdown won’t hurt the military or vets, Claims that a government shutdown standoff could harm our nation’s defense or its military personnel and veterans are incorrect. what happens to the military and.
Central government employee news & tools – grant of dual family, One rank one pension order- grant of dual family pension from military as well as civil employment. implementation of the government decision on the.

Business insider – government shutdown over obamacare? why gop, Here is how far apart two factions of the republican party are on the possibility of a government shutdown this october over the issue of defunding the.
Chairman rogers introduces continuing resolution to prevent, Washington, mar 4 – house appropriations chairman hal rogers today introduced a continuing resolution (cr) to prevent.
Specter of government shutdown looms as sequester arrives, Leaders offer no new details on spending cuts, but say they will work to keep government open past march 27..