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Why government shills & intellectual cowards love the term, Http:// ridicule of conspiracy theories focuses on diffusing criticism of the powerful.
Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans, Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans: he plans to blame it on obama, the gop’s hot young conservatives – ted cruz, marco rubio, and rand paul.

Jeff fortenberry opposes government shutdown over obamacare, Rep. jeff fortenberry (r-neb.) opposes holding up the government’s functioning in order to repeal obamacare. (julia schmalz/bloomberg via getty images) at.
Fox v. fox on gop attempts to defund obamacare through government, While some fox news hosts and contributors such as sean hannity and sarah palin have supported a right-wing republican plan to defund obamacare by threatening a.
Government regulation cause lds canning facilities to shut down, Last viewed: giant pumpkin festival next week at fairgrounds; cost of living comparison: el dorado hills, california – placerville, california; sheriff john d.

Alien conspiracy: you have been punked! – beware one world government, Alien conspiracy: you have been hornswaggled by financial power elite. why?.
High frequency active auroral research program – wikipedia, the, The high frequency active auroral research program (haarp) was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the u.s. air force, the u.s. navy, the university of.
Yucca mountain shutdown – youtube, The government has just shut down a 10 billion dollar, 25 year long project with little to no good explanation, what’s going on?.