how will government shutdown affect military retirees

Government shutdown will not shut down obamacare, says new crs report, Washington — if the federal government shuts down, don’t expect the implementation of obamacare to stop..
Is government shutdown next? |, Military paychecks likely delayed in shutdown; new army rules for tattoos, grooming on the way; vet groups reject proposed retirement changes; defense panel.
Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans, Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans: he plans to blame it on obama, the gop’s hot young conservatives – ted cruz, marco rubio, and rand paul.

Government agency shutdown plan details: what is my agency’s, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
Will my military, or other pension, affect my social security, Q: will my military retirement pension reduce my social security? i heard that a government pension could reduce ssa benefits. a: your military retirement pension.
Obamacare will not crumble without a government shutdown | redstate, There are many naive fools who think obamacare will crumble under its own weight. history shows us that government entitlements never crumble under their.

Government shutdown: pictures, videos, breaking news, Big news on government shutdown. includes blogs, news, and community conversations about government shutdown..
Government shutdown 2011: will i get paid? what will be open? what, I am a member of the military. will i get paid? a shutdown would also affect pay for members of the military, said senior government officials familiar.
Government shutdown: what it means for you – political hotsheet, As the deadline to avoid government shutdown approaches, here’s a breakdown of what would and wouldn’t be affected read more by lucy madison on cbs news.