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Youtube – obama wants our vets to pay for their war injuries, but, 8:18 obama’s mic left on. "americans are just stupid" .says they should shut up and obey him. k stepp featured 2,468,254; 9:32 impeach obama or america.
Obama is going to pay for my gas and mortgage!!! – youtube, This lady, peggy joseph, thinks barack obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else..
The huffington post – obama health care speech: full video, text, Video clips of various segments of the speech are available throughout the transcript below. scroll down to the bottom to watch the speech in full..

Obamacare facts: facts on the obama health care plan, We present the facts on obama care (obamacare) / the health care for america plan. our goal is to help you understand the basics of the obamacare health care plan and.
The world’s greatest deliberative body – obama solves health care, Updated: 2:17 p.m. aug. 2 | just a day after president barack obama told senate democrats he had personally engaged in the issue of his signature health care law’s.
Investor’s business daily – obama threatens defense bill veto, President obama threatens to veto the 2014 defense appropriations bill unless it includes higher costs for veterans under the military’s tricare health insurance program..

The huffington post – obama orders pay raise for congress, federal, President barack obama gave a new year’s gift to returning members of congress, federal workers and vice president joe biden on thursday, signing an.
Health care reform debate in the united states – wikipedia, the, The health care reform debate in the united states has been a political issue for many years, focusing upon increasing coverage, decreasing the cost and social burden.
Organizing for action – issues – an economy built to last, President obama has taken action to restore middle-class security and create an economy that’s built to last. find out how..