military furlough back pay

Military report – dod reduces civilian furlough days, The defense department has revised from 22 to 14 the number of days hundreds of thousands of civilian employees could be furloughed this year because of the budget.
Steep furloughs hit military workers this week – cbs news, Cbs evening news: steep furloughs hit military workers this week – for the next 11 weeks, 680,000 americans working in the defense industry will lose 20.
Fox news – military communities brace for ‘hardship’ as defense, Military communities across the country, after listening to the warnings about steep budget cutbacks for months, are now bracing for impact as furloughs.

Fox news – military spending millions to protect gophers, while, A total of 650,000 civilian employees are now being furloughed at u.s. military bases in response to sequester cuts — but the department of defense is.
Hagel docks his own pay to match 14-day furlough |, He’s not facing furlough himself but defense secretary chuck hagel will dock his own pay to show solidarity with the defense department civilian personnel who will be. – nearly 20,000 military civilians in oklahoma begin, Washington — nearly 20,000 civilian workers at oklahoma military bases are set to be furloughed this week in the first of 11 forced days off that will cut their. – federal furloughs: the impact at oklahoma military, Most workers will be furloughed on fridays. aircraft maintenance essentially will stop on furlough days as officials have determined that the most effective schedule.
Military times – hagel: furloughs may continue next year for dod, The audience gasped in surprise and gave a few low whistles as defense secretary chuck hagel delivered the news that furloughs, which have forced a 20 percent pay cut.
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