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President obama’s claim that americans saved $3.4 billion in, President says americans have saved $3.4 billion in health-care premiums in 2012. what do data say?.
Flashback: obama promised lower health care insurance premiums for, When he was selling his health care overhaul as a presidential candidate and then as commander-in-chief, barack obama repeatedly argued that the plan would lower.
Health care | change.gov: the obama-biden transition team, The obama-biden plan. on health care reform, the american people are too often offered two extremes — government-run health care with higher taxes or letting the.

Health care reform debate in the united states – wikipedia, the, The health care reform debate in the united states has been a political issue for many years, focusing upon increasing coverage, decreasing the cost and social burden.
Obama health care speech: full video, text, Video clips of various segments of the speech are available throughout the transcript below. scroll down to the bottom to watch the speech in full..
Obama touts health care rebates, pushing back after house votes to, President obama touted a provision in his affordable care act on thursday that would require health insurance providers to return money to consumers.

Obama health care speech touts rebates for health insurance customers, Flanked by health insurance customers who received rebates because of obamacare, president barack obama on thursday highlighted his health care reform law.
The world’s greatest deliberative body – obama solves health care, Updated: 2:17 p.m. aug. 2 | just a day after president barack obama told senate democrats he had personally engaged in the issue of his signature health care law’s.
Obamacare facts: facts on the obama health care plan, We present the facts on obama care (obamacare), the health care plan for america. our goal is to help you understand the basics of the obamacare health care plan.