State of ohio, is the official website of the state of ohio..
North dakota state government – home, Official state guide to government officials, departments, education, employment, and attractions for those visiting the state..
Som – state of michigan, Official website for the state of michigan. search any location for state government services, state parks and recreation, or educational entities..

State of illinois, Official government portal provides comprehensive information about the state and the state government..
Government accountability board | state of wisconsin, Official government board for elections, campaign finance, ethics and lobbying. includes faqs, resources and upcoming events calendar..
Welcome to, Official u.s. government travel portal include news and information about international travel, passports and visas as well as children and family, law and policy..

Missouri state government, Official on-line resource to missouri government agencies and services..
Electronic diversity visa, Welcome. the u.s. department of state electronic diversity visa entrant status check for diversity visa program for dv- 2014 is available until september 30, 2014..
Air transports of heads of state and government – wikipedia, the, Some nations maintain one or more special aircraft to transport their heads of state and government. one in particular has been immortalised in popular culture: air.