update on the goverment shut down 2013

Government shutdown 2013 – the huffington post, House republicans spent hours on capitol hill saturday as a government shutdown loomed, but that didn’t stop some of them from having a little weekend.
Government shutdown won’t shut obamacare: report – jul. 30, 2013, As tea party republicans seek a government shutdown if they don’t get a roll back of new health care rules, a new congressional report says even if a.
Ted cruz: defund obamacare or risk government shutdown, Washington — sen. ted cruz says that he is expecting a vote wednesday on his amendment to defund obamacare until economic growth is restored, adding that.

Government shutdown 2013: photos, videos & latest news – politico.com, Latest news on government shutdown. includes blogs, videos, and pictures about government shutdown..
Sf bart strike 2013 update: public transit shutdown costing bay, The sf bart strike that shut down public transit in california’s bay area is delivering a blow to the economy, experts said..
Obamacare will not crumble without a government shutdown | redstate, There are many naive fools who think obamacare will crumble under its own weight. history shows us that government entitlements never crumble under their.

The magical mythical history of the government shutdown hurting, There is a lot of talk these days about how the gop cannot afford to shut down the government like they did in 1995. remember, they the chattering class say,.
Daily kos: government shutdown: what it is, and what it isn’t, With the president officially declaring that he will not pull a rabbit out of his hat to avert a default, president obama has squarely put the responsibility upon.
Will the government shutdown in october? – political outcast, Yeah, we’ve all heard it before, the government will shut down and default on its loan payments if congress doesn’t pass the necessary legislation..