us govt shutdown

Washington post – deal to avert government shutdown likely, Congress returns to work this week with no plan to reverse across-the-board spending cuts that took effect friday, but with hope on both sides of the aisle of.
Us government shutdown march 4th 2011 – youtube, There are two possibilities that a us government shutdown could occur. 1) if the senate or the president refuses to accept the trimmed back 2011 spending plan..
Youtube – close cut: us saved from government shutdown by last min, The us congress has thrashed out a budget, agreeing on spending cuts dangerously close to the deadline. the republicans and democrats were forced to.

United states federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996, The united states federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996 was the result of conflicts between democratic president bill clinton and the congress over funding for.
Lindsey williams: us government will shutdown financially, (before it’s news) lindsey williams has received information from a woman who works for raytheon who has security clearance . the woman states that the us government.
The christian science monitor – paul ryan and obamacare: can he, Rep. paul ryan said sunday that he opposes a government shutdown to stop the implementation of obamacare. but sen. ted cruz and others in the gop might be.

Government shutdown 2013 – the huffington post, Washington — congressional republican leaders and the obama administration are trying to cut a deal that avoids a government shutdown in october whil.
Stopping paychecks for members of congress during government shutdown, As a critical deadline looms, u.s. senator debbie stabenow announced she is cosponsoring legislation to stop members of congress and the president from getting paid.
Obama wants a government shutdown, says u.s. rep. wolf, U.s. rep. frank wolf (r-va.-10th), speaking in loudoun county today, said he believes president barack obama wants a federal government shutdown in the fall.