what will happen when government shut down on oct 1 2013

The huffington post – government shutdown will not shut down, Government shutdown will not shut down obamacare, says new crs report.
Msnbc – a new government-shutdown threat emerges – the maddow blog, Both the house and senate have passed budget resolutions, which would ordinarily mean the two sides would begin the process of trying to find a compromise in.
Youtube – the treasury secretary: the u.s. dollar will die october, (see links below) there is a big difference between the "debt ceiling" and the "debt limit." on october 1 2013 obama says he is going to shut down the us.

The huffington post – mike lee: republicans will shut down, Sen. mike lee (r-utah) declared on monday that he and other congressional republicans would be willing to shut down the federal government in order to.
Politicususa – the republican plan to shutdown the government to, The big republican plan to shutdown the government unless obamacare is defunded is already backfiring and setting up the gop for complete failure in 2014..
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"this is exactly what my elite friend said will happen" – lindsey, There are about 441 trillion dollars of interest rate derivatives sitting out there. if interest rates stay about where they are right now and they don’t go much.
Washington post – government shutdown 2011: will i get paid? what, I am a member of the military. will i get paid? a shutdown would also affect pay for members of the military, said senior government officials familiar.