whats affected with goverment shutdown oct 1

The huffington post – mitt romney warns against government, Wolfeboro, n.h. — former republican presidential nominee mitt romney jumped into the debate over the gop’s future tuesday night, warning congressional.
United states federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996, The united states federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996 was the result of conflicts between democratic president bill clinton and the congress over funding for.
Daily kos: government shutdown: what it is, and what it isn’t, With the president officially declaring that he will not pull a rabbit out of his hat to avert a default, president obama has squarely put the responsibility upon.

Suite101.com – government shutdown of 1995: what happened and why, The federal government shut down in 1995-1996. what happened and why? how were the government and the public at large impacted? the 1995 shutdown of the.
Council on foreign relations – u.s. debt ceiling: costs and, Introduction; what is the u.s. federal debt limit? what was the process by which the limit was raised last? when will the united states hit its debt ceiling?.
Washington post – government shutdown 2011: will i get paid? what, I am a member of the military. will i get paid? a shutdown would also affect pay for members of the military, said senior government officials familiar.

Federal eye – government shutdown: facts and figures, Despite assurances from the obama administration and congressional leaders that they don’t want a government shutdown, each day closer to march 4 without a final.
Furlough during a government shutdown – guidance issued, On august 6, secdef hagel announced a reduction in the number of required furlough days from 11 days (88 hours) to six days (48 hours). for most employees, the.
Washington post – government shutdown: how it would affect federal, The obama administration is warning federal workers that they couldn’t work for free during any government shutdown nor could they take paid leave. in instructions.