which agencies will be affected by the government shutdown 2013

Government agency shutdown plan details: what is my agency’s, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
What happens during a government shutdown?, What causes a shutdown? a government shutdown occurs when funding measures for the day-to-day operations of the federal government expire and congress and the.
Furloughs vary widely at government agencies amid sequestration cuts, Washington — first there was a two-year pay freeze. now furloughs loom, as federal agencies make personnel costs a prime target for across-the-board.

Officials say cost of government shutdown preparations was borne, Threats of a government shutdown were a distraction and caused anxiety for a lot of state employees last month, but state officials say they doubt the legislature’s.
House republicans shift focus to avert government shutdown as, Washington — with congress whiffing on the bid to stop sequestration’s automatic deep spending cuts, house republicans have turned their focus to the next.
U.s. government info – resources, If the government does shutdown next week, members of the u.s. military and "essential" civilian federal employees may not get paid on time, but they will get paid..

Suite101.com – government shutdown of 1995: what happened and why, The federal government shut down in 1995-1996. what happened and why? how were the government and the public at large impacted? the 1995 shutdown of the united states.
Kxly – state agencies face shutdown as budget deadline looms, Washington state lawmakers have yet to pass a budget, making a government shutdown one day closer to reality..
Daily kos: government shutdown: what it is, and what it isn’t, With the president officially declaring that he will not pull a rabbit out of his hat to avert a default, president obama has squarely put the responsibility upon.