who is exempt from shutdown government

Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans, Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans: he plans to blame it on obama, the gop’s hot young conservatives – ted cruz, marco rubio, and rand paul.
Yahoo sports – the u.s. senate may — and should — review the, Recently, you may have heard that the internal revenue service came under some considerable fire for targeting certain groups seeking tax-exempt status.
Chairman rogers introduces continuing resolution to prevent, Washington, mar 4 – house appropriations chairman hal rogers today introduced a continuing resolution (cr) to prevent.

A new day for federal service – u.s. office of personnel management, Overview the u.s. office of personnel management (opm) has prepared human resources guidance for agencies and employees on shutdown furloughs (also called emergency.
Suite101.com – government shutdown of 1995: what happened and why, The federal government shut down in 1995-1996. what happened and why? how were the government and the public at large impacted? the 1995 shutdown of the united states.
Eric cantor signals to gop colleagues that they should stfu about, Based upon what robert costa is reporting today, it would seem that the gop’s "defund obamacare or we’ll shut down the government" caucus is all but dunzo.

News | ckdr.net, Local news world-record breaker speaks to local students. by ckdr news – september 27th, 2013 – 3:07pm. words of inspiration and motivation for dryden high school.
The facts: a government shutdown won’t hurt the military or vets, Claims that a government shutdown standoff could harm our nation’s defense or its military personnel and veterans are incorrect. what happens to the military and.
Another off-grider shutdown: history channel’s mountain man, Another self reliant offgrider has been targeted by government officials. eustace conway, who was featured on featured on the history channel’s “mountain men.