who will be affected by the government shut down in 2014

The huffington post – bryce covert: what actually happens when the, I sat down with roosevelt institute senior fellow bo cutter, who explains why the current shutdown is small potatoes compared to the looming battle over.
Washington post – government agency shutdown plan details: what is, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans, Ted cruz: government shutdown will be good for republicans: he plans to blame it on obama, the gop’s hot young conservatives – ted cruz, marco rubio, and rand paul.

The huffington post – mitt romney in gop debate: shut down federal, During a cnn debate at the height of the gop primary, mitt romney was asked, in the context of the joplin disaster and fema’s cash crunch, whether the.
Daily kos: in 2014, it will be the nra against the american people, Today, a majority of the senate, supported by over 90 percent of the american people on the issue, failed to pass a watered-down-to-the-point-of-near-ineffectiveness.
Washington post – government shutdown 2011: will i get paid? what, Here is everything we know (so far) about what will happen if the government shuts down at midnight friday..

Federal eye – government shutdown: facts and figures, Despite assurances from the obama administration and congressional leaders that they don’t want a government shutdown, each day closer to march 4 without a final.
Western journalism – in 2014, the obama dictatorship will be complete, Joel valenzuela: in 2014, the obama dictatorship will be complete. learn more about barack obama, obamacare.
News | ckdr.net, Local news kids in red lake take to the skies. by ckdr news – september 17th, 2013 – 3:02pm. quite a unique opportunity for folks in red lake. over 200-people came.