will the government shut down in 2013

The magical mythical history of the government shutdown hurting, There is a lot of talk these days about how the gop cannot afford to shut down the government like they did in 1995. remember, they the chattering class say,.
Ted cruz joins the ‘defund obamacare or shut down the government, Count texas sen. ted cruz among the growing ranks of republicans who want to shut down the government – because republicans always look good when threatening a.
Politicususa – the republican plan to shutdown the government to, The big republican plan to shutdown the government unless obamacare is defunded is already backfiring and setting up the gop for complete failure in 2014..

Government shutdown 2013 – the huffington post, One of the top democrats in the house said friday that his party should be willing to shut down the government this fall unless the spending cuts brou.
Washington post – ted cruz’s claim that the 1995-1996 government, Ted cruz’s claim that the 1995-96 government shutdown was good for the gop.
Slate magazine – the coming government shutdown: the march 1, Forget sequestration the real deadline for government shutdown is march 27. by matthew yglesias | posted friday, feb. 22, 2013, at 3:36 pm.

Daily kos: gop giving up the government shutdown hostage, seizing, Here at the daily kos international command silo, we work hard every day to improve the site experience for you, our valued members. for many months, we’ve been.
Msnbc – a new government-shutdown threat emerges – the maddow blog, Both the house and senate have passed budget resolutions, which would ordinarily mean the two sides would begin the process of trying to find a compromise in.
The huffington post – paul ryan: government shutdown strategy is, Paul ryan: government shutdown strategy is ‘swinging for the fences’ on obamacare.