will the government shutdown 2013 stop ssi checks

Obama should allow government shutdown if sequestration continues, Obama should allow government shutdown if sequestration continues, top house dem says.
Mitt romney warns against government shutdown threats by republicans, Wolfeboro, n.h. — former republican presidential nominee mitt romney jumped into the debate over the gop’s future tuesday night, warning congressional.
House votes to avert shutdown as obama looks for big deal, The house took its first step to avert a government shutdown as president obama began a series of rare meetings with republican lawmakers on wednesday, reviving.

Government will take almost half your paycheck in 2013 | the, How high is the marginal tax rate on each additional dollar the average american earns? in other words, if you got a raise of one dollar, how much of that dollar.
Government agency shutdown plan details: what is my agency’s, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
Has disability become a ‘de facto welfare program’? – in plain sight, When president clinton signed "welfare reform" into law in 1996, he promised to end welfare as we know it. now, some new reporting suggests we’ve created a new kind.

Government shutdown: what it means for you – political hotsheet, As the deadline to avoid government shutdown approaches, here’s a breakdown of what would and wouldn’t be affected read more by lucy madison on cbs news.
Stopping paychecks for members of congress during government, As a critical deadline looms, u.s. senator debbie stabenow announced she is cosponsoring legislation to stop members of congress and the president from getting paid.
Ssi federal payment amounts for 2013 – social security, Automatic determinations. cost-of-living adjustment. ssi annual report. ssi payment standards, 1975 & later. maximum federal supplemental security income (ssi.