will vha be affected by government shutdown 2013

Washington post – government agency shutdown plan details: what is, Updated | we are collecting each government agency’s shutdown plans and will be providing updates as we learn more..
Vanguard news – highwire drama in benin-city: tax row, airport, It was a slap on the face of decorum. the official broke loose from the crowd and grabbed the cameraman recording the scene. the official, identified as benin-city.
Nbc news – house votes to avert shutdown, fund u.s. through sept, The house passed legislation on wednesday amid a wintry storm in washington to avert a government shutdown, and keep the government running through the summer..

The huffington post – bryce covert: what actually happens when the, I sat down with roosevelt institute senior fellow bo cutter, who explains why the current shutdown is small potatoes compared to the looming battle over.
Council on foreign relations – u.s. debt ceiling: costs and, As the u.s. approaches the deadline to raise its debt limit, economists warn of a fiscal crisis and steeply higher borrowing costs for u.s. businesses and homeowners..
Washington post – government shutdown: how it would affect federal, The obama administration is warning federal workers that they couldn’t work for free during any government shutdown nor could they take paid leave. in instructions.

Government shutdown 2011: battle over the budget | the washington post, Coverage of the battle between democrats and republicans to resolve federal budget issues and the potential government shutdown that could result from no action being.
News | ckdr.net, Local news local conference focuses on mental health. by ckdr news – september 13th, 2013 – 4:16pm. the district peer support program is holding their 15th annual.
Washington post – government shutdown: potential furloughs for, Washington is bracing for a far-reaching federal government shutdown that could stop everything from tax refunds to local trash collection, the writing of some.